Wiki Stiki, and Why You Care

Written by Debra Leitl on October 12, 2011. Posted in Search Engine Optimization

Wiki Stiki And Why You CareWhen you surf the internet you have probably noticed that when you type in a search the first site to appear on the top of the search page results is Wikipedia. Regardless what terms you use it seems that Wikipedia always appears on the top of the Google search results.

Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia that is compiled by contributors from all over the internet. The site is editable by anyone and generates a massive volume of content. Although the content is informative some will argue that the content is questionable since you never know the level of expertise behind the person editing the content.

You are probably saying to yourself, Big deal! What does this have to do with my online business and why should I care what Wikipedia does? Well, as a search engine marketer the wiki SERPs are a growing concern for online businesses for a number of reasons:

Wikipedia Holds Google’s Magic Formula

Wikipedia currently holds Google’s formula for maintaining first position at the top of the search engine results pages. This means that other online businesses do not stand a chance at hitting first position in the search results due to the wiki SERPs unbeatable formula. What is wiki SERP formula?

Well, for one thing the pages are structured in a way that the search engine spiders cannot tell the difference between inbound links and internal page links. This is a masterful method that provides a clear route for the search engine spiders for indexing.

Many website owners also link to Wikipedia for additional reference information and the search engines see inbound links as a vote for popularity. The problem is this drives Wikipedia to the top of the Google search results page without giving anything in return to the people providing inbound links. In other words, it is all about inbound links without giving back by providing outbound links to your website when you contribute information.

The No Follow Attribute

Another method to the madness of wiki SERPs is the no follow attribute for any outbound links that happen to be included in the content that is contributed to Wikipedia. Recently Wikipedia implemented the no follow tag which ensures that Wikipedia appears at the top of the Google search results. This code in the outbound links tells the search engine spiders to overlook the links when ranking the page in the search results.

Why Wiki SERPs Generates Controversy

As a result of the wiki SERP formula search engine marketers loathe this technique due to the fact that some of the pages of Wikipedia can contain amateur content which outranks web pages that contain superior quality content.

Because its influence is so powerful on the web, SEO marketers see Wikipedia as a threat to sites that make a monetary investment in high quality content only to lose their traffic to Wikipedia.

So as an online business owner if you cannot beat wiki SERPs then join it by posting high quality content on Wikipedia and then reference the name of your web page in the posting. Although it will not help SEO at least it will drive some traffic to your website.

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