The Power Of The Ask

Written by Debra Leitl on April 15, 2011. Posted in Social Media Marketing

How to use questions to improve your business.

During every business situation your brain is constantly asking questions, receiving data, and evaluating situations.

What Does This Mean? – What Should I Do? – Will This Be Painful? – What Happens Next? – Is There More Coffee?

From a business POV you should be asking positive, empowering questions.

How Can I Benefit From This? – What Can I Learn Today? – How Can I Help My Client Understand?

Questions in this vain instantly align your mind towards success.

As an online business owner you need to control the questions in any business situation. If you don’t ask the question you want answered you can’t get an answer, and you will become dis-satisfied.

The Power Of The Ask

In order to avoid any possibility of rejection humans have a built in series of excuses NOT to ask questions.

If you are not moving closer to your business goals, you probably aren’t using the power of the ask.

Businesses react to other businesses or customers who ask questions.

These are the most important business questions to know how and when to ask:

  • Ask For The Sale
  • Ask Clients For Additional Business
  • Ask For Specific Feedback
  • Ask For Referrals
  • Ask For Testimonials

Ask For The Sale

Since you are running an online businesses, you must be aware of your digital body language. Any hesitation will leave room in your prospects brain and they’ll start wondering, “Is there something wrong with the product?” So always communicate with confidence, ask them as if it’s the most normal thing to say because it is. You’re selling a product or a service: Your job is to navigate towards the sale.

Ask Clients For Additional Business

Asking existing clients for additional business will get you more clients and more business. And the more frequently you ask if your client has any pending projects that you can work on the more work you’ll get. It’s takes little effort and will increase your income and client satisfaction at the same time.

Ask For Specific Feedback

Ask for specific feedback. Don’t wait for feedback if you want or need information, take the initiative and ask. Be sure to help the other person give you information you can really use. Ask for feedback in a specific manner, i.e. Asking, “How did you like the presentation?” is too general, instead ask if the graphics in your presentation were clear and helpful.

Ask For Referrals

Few online business owners ask for referrals. Fewer still ask in the right way at the right time. And even fewer ask for referrals as an ongoing marketing strategy.The reason referrals are so effective is because they carry immediate credibility.

Ask For Testimonials

An online testimonial will help build your credibility. Testimonials focus on your customer’s experience, and as consumers we tend to trust what we read or hear from people “like” us. Testimonials can help put a potential client’s fears to rest.

Read this CopyBlogger Post on Testimonials.

As a business owner if you don’t ask for what you want and need in the marketplace you may end up earning less than your competitors who are better equipped to bargain successfully for better contract terms.

Use the power of the ask to gain an advantage at the negotiation table.

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