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Written by Debra Leitl on October 10, 2011. Posted in Search Engine Optimization

SEO Tag StumbleUpon Is ItStumbleUpon is just as the name implies, you use it to get people to stumble upon your website, blog, profile, and other information which is relevant to your online business. It is also used as a means for personal sharing of great content on the Internet and getting your brand associated with quality information.

Like the social bookmarking site Digg, StumbleUpon has millions of users and provides a way for you and other users to learn about a new website and discover how other StumbleUpon users feel about the site. You can also announce other sites to the StumbleUpon community by giving them the “thumbs up” which is a way of voting for a site similar to “Digg This” on the social bookmarking site, Digg. Here are a few pointers on how to get involved with StumbleUpon:

Start a Community

Before you begin using the “thumbs up” tool it is important to set up your profile and start a community of users that share a common interest in your area of expertise. You can do this by locating other people on StumbleUpon that have an interest in your topic and then begin building your community. If you have an account with another social networking site you can also invite the users on those sites to join your StumbleUpon community.

Download the StumbleUpon Toolbar

It is easy to keep in touch and respond to the content of others when you install the StumbleUpon toolbar in your browser. The toolbar is available for download when you join StumbleUpon and you can save it to your “Downloads” folder in Windows. To install it, you must first close the browser where you want to use the toolbar and then simply click on the toolbar file where it is saved and then select the run button. Once you click on the run button it will walk you through the installation process.

Generating Website Traffic

The techniques you use on StumbleUpon to generate traffic should be used in moderation to avoid being accused of spamming. Spamming is always something you want to avoid, especially on a social networking site where word can travel quickly.

That said you can gradually promote your website after you have built a network and commented on the websites of other users. Once you have built up your reputation you can search for pages of your website where others have given you a “thumbs up.” Begin very gradually to provide reviews and thumbs up for different pages of your website. You must be very cautious when doing this so review in moderation.

You can also engage in personal sharing by mentioning some of the pages in your website with the people in your StumbleUpon community. The more “thumbs up” your pages receive the more visible they will be in the StumbleUpon community which will help to generate traffic to your website. As your traffic reviews other pages in your site, those will become visible in StumbleUpon as well.

Also, make sure you return the favor and stumble on other people’s website pages and review them to demonstrate your interest in the StumbleUpon community. Engaging in personal sharing is the name of the game with StumbleUpon so make sure you become a genuine community member. Just like the offline environment, if you give to the community you will receive in return.

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