Saturday Sidecar: Of Lint and Lent

Written by Gina Blitstein on March 2, 2013. Posted in Saturday Sidecar

How are “lint” and “Lent” related? Allow me to explain in terms beneficial to you as a Sidecar driver…


Lint – that fluffy stuff that’s created by and collects in your dryer, composed of clothing fibers, human and pet hair, skin cells, dust and many more things that I needn’t get into. You get the picture. It’s our laundry’s waste product and thankfully we have the opportunity to get rid of it.

Recently, my husband and I decided to tackle the big lint job – remove the hose and brush everything out of it and the dryer itself. We were left with an unnervingly large, disgusting, yet satisfying pile of gray lint of which to dispose. Upon reconnecting the hose and drying another load of laundry, we found our dryer to be working at peak performance once again; more efficient at its job. All around, our efforts were productive at clearing a blockage to effectiveness.


Lent – a sacred time of year when Christians prepare themselves spiritually for the resurrection of their Lord and Savior. It’s a time spent in introspection, atonement and sacrifice. Lent entails a process of purging sin from the soul so that it can be pure enough to welcome the miracle that is represented by Easter.

During Lent, Christians are particularly mindful of those thoughts and behaviors that cause them to falter on the path to righteousness. The purpose of Lent, therefore, is to give Christians a chance to reflect and clear their conscience of that which is “undesirable” and encourage that which is “desirable.”

Lint and Lent – Not as far apart as you may think

As you can see, there’s some similarity between the process of disposing of dryer lint and the process of purifying the soul for Lent. Both represent a cleansing which results in a preferred state. A dryer performs better and a Christian’s soul is purer for the effort.

Lint and Lent and Your Sidecar

How does this comparison relate to your Sidecar? Think about the process. Out with the bad; in with the good. From time to time – perhaps on a yearly basis – it’s a good idea to get out your figurative vacuum and dispense with the “lint.” Remove that which is clogging up your business’ processes and systems. Clear the airway of the debris that holds it back from optimal performance and you’ll be running a leaner, meaner Sidecar.

Likewise, take the opportunity to examine your business’ “conscience.” What inappropriate, destructive habits have it – or you – gotten into? What can you do to atone for the problems they’ve caused? How can you change your ways to increase success by becoming a better, more robust and deserving Sidecar operator?

Lint and Lent: They both represent opportunity for your Sidecar. Improve its function and your actions by identifying the problems and addressing them in order to set the stage for the great things you want and anticipate for your business.

Sidecar Tuneup Tip: It’s a great time to look at the things that may be slowing your Sidecar down or making it less that it could be. Remove the physical blockages and adopt a reflective state of mind to improve your Sidecar’s overall performance.

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