Saturday Sidecar: Ghosts of Blog Posts Past

Written by Gina Blitstein on December 10, 2011. Posted in Saturday Sidecar

Ghosts of Blog Posts Past‘Tis the time of year when we as sidecar drivers often take some time to assess how far we’ve come and plan our journey ahead. We here at Saturday Sidecar are, as you know, dedicated to helping you navigate your sidecar with expertise so we’ve compiled a collection of our Ghosts of Blog Posts Past we think will enlighten and inspire you as you look back on the year behind and look forward on the year to come.

Looking back 

Assess your sidecar’s performance by reading, SaturdaySidecarHowsMyDriving?

Ponder potential problems by reading, SaturdaySidecar: WhatsHoldingYourBusinessBack?

Planning ahead

Once you’ve determined where you stand at the present time, you may determine that there are some areas that could use improvement. The beginning of a new year is always a good time to kick some unproductive habits and implement some new goals and strategies for success. As you plan your agenda for the coming year, ask yourself what areas need your attention: 

Is your schedule effective?

Is your workspace suitable?

SaturdaySidecar: UseAll 5 SensestoCreateaProductiveWorkspace

Are your offerings enough to satisfy customers?

SaturdaySidecar: CanYouExpandYourCoreProduct?

Is the presentation of your product or service all it could be?


Is your pricing appropriate?

SaturdaySidecar: AddValueInsteadofLoweringPrice

Are you expending too much money and effort?

SaturdaySidecar: SaveMoreThanTimewithEffectiveTimeManagement

Are you doing too much yourself?

SaturdaySidecar: FindingHelp

Do you have clients who are more trouble than they’re worth?

SaturdaySidecar: TroublesomeClientsDontCoddleEmFireem!

Are you well supported?

SaturdaySidecar: SurroundYourselfwithaStrongCircleofTrust

As you assess your sidecar’s progress thus far, you’re bound to have many proud moments and victories to celebrate. Remember to reward yourself for your successes – as an entrepreneur, it’s important that you acknowledge them for yourself!

SaturdaySidecar: RewardYourself!

We here at Saturday Sidecar wish you great success in your business. May it drive far and prosper throughout the coming year and well into the future!

Sidecar Tuneup Tip: Looking back allows you to see the road you’ve traveled and appreciate how far you’ve come. Looking forward allows you to dream and plan your future. Your business can benefit from consideration from both perspectives.

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