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Written by Debra Leitl on March 25, 2011. Posted in Search Engine Optimization

In our daily marketing efforts we are constantly advocating that clients include mobile SEO in the testing process. While the core SEO practices are the same as your PC-based website, there are a few items on the todo list exclusive to your mobile site.

1. Make sure your site detects visitors accessing it via mobile phone, and automatically redirects them to your mobile-optimized mirror or alternate version. Remember that many will type in “.com” rather than “.mobi”. How do you get it to automatically redirect? We always say, “When in doubt Google it out”. Google mobile browser detection JavaScript.

2. Keep the mobile version name easy to remember. For example, if your site is “”, make the mobile version “”

3. Remember that keyboards on phones are tiny. Reduce interaction as much as possible for your user. Let users log in with the username and password they use on your PC website. If they don’t have a username and password, allow them to create an account.

4. Research mobile keywords, the mobile keyword tool can be found under the “Advanced Options” tab in your AdWords Account and it is user friendly.

5. Make sure your content is device friendly for your target audiences preferred device type.

6. Use common sense and create a sitemap for your mobile site, as well as your “main” one. When you’ve done it, you can submit it through the Google Webmaster Tools dashboard.

7. Mobile device SEO strategies for smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and tablet devices, need to be tested and monitored closely in the coming years, as we are still learning how to use such devices efficiently.

SEO for your mobile should include mobile keyword research and provide a stable mobile user experience. In the end you’ll be more competitive for mobile searcher traffic.

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