Leverage PPC Search Query Reports To Improve Your Quality Score

Written by Debra Leitl on May 19, 2010. Posted in Search Engine Marketing

When you use Google AdWords for a pay per click advertising campaign Google uses a specific system to determine your overall Quality Score. The system involves a variety of elements that create a score for the keywords you are using in your PPC campaign. The elements include the relevancy of your keywords to your PPC ad and then they are measured with the words your target market uses during organic searches.

If your Quality Score is high your PPC ad will have a higher ranking on the search results page and a higher score will also lower the cost you are paying for each click. Each one tenth of a point improvement in your Quality Score can save you up to $.02 per click. So how can you leverage PPC search query reports to improve your quality score?

Quality Score Snapshot

Create a search query snapshot of your Quality Score to get an overview of what is happening with your PPC campaigns. If you are running more than one campaign organize your campaigns according to what you are spending overall for PPC advertising, what you spend separately on each ad group and each keyword by the Quality score you received. The campaigns with the highest costs in advertising should only have keywords that have a Quality Score of 8 or better. You should make note of the keywords that are below a score of 8 so you can decide on how to make improvements.

Match the Search Queries with PPC Ads

To save money on what you pay for each click and to improve your PPC campaign results, try to break down each ad group further so that the search queries directly correlate to the ad copy. This will drive down the cost of your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) while improving your Quality Score.

Refine Ad Text

Once you have your ad groups laser-focused to search queries and text, give your ads a boost by taking the lowest performing ads and revising the ad copy to create compelling and convincing ads that increase your CTR as well as your Quality Score. You will have to run some tests before you find winning ads that convert.

Delete Substandard Ads and Keywords

Remove the ads and keywords that are not performing well because this will help your Quality Score. Google Quality score reviews the overall CTR that extends beyond the keyword which is why it is important to remove the low performing keywords and ads that are a detriment to your Quality Score.

Optimize the Landing Page

The landing page is the part of a PPC campaign that most advertisers forget about. Review the reports for landing page performance and then remove the elements that are hurting your Quality Score such as pages that do not load quickly, poor content, content that is irrelevant to the PPC ad and search query, and unnecessary advertising.

If you make it a habit to keep track of the important elements that contribute to your Quality Score, the time you invest will pay off with a successful PPC advertising campaign that produces a high CTR and converts visitors to sales.

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