How to Use Ecommerce Video: The Basics

Written by Debra Leitl on September 2, 2011. Posted in Ecommerce Marketing

If you have an ecommerce store, videos can be a highly effective way to increase revenue and return on investment.  Online video is a free source for providing more detailed descriptions and customer experiences for viewing the products you offer in your online store.  As with anything related to ecommerce success, it is important to know how to go about it correctly so you do not “underdo” or overdo, both of which can result in hurting the bottom line.

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Do Some Observations

Spend some time surfing the Internet to discover how other merchants are using ecommerce videos to enhance the customer experience.  Take note of how they are using videos in conjunction with the product offer and which ones grab your attention and compel you to make a purchase. 

Keep It Simple and Concise

As a general rule the online consumer is not as patient as brick and mortar consumers.  You must not waste time telling them what your website is about and you must not create complicated lengthy videos that cause your customer’s eyes to glaze over and move on.  The average product video should be less than five minutes and only contain the information that is most relevant to the consumer. 

Remember to Use Courtesy

The average web surfer is usually in a hurry and appreciates the fact that they know what they are getting into in advance.  Revealing the length of the video in advance is considered to be a courtesy when your customers are browsing your online store.  If you want to tell your customers more it does not hurt to provide an itinerary of the video so your customers know what to expect when they view the video. 

Build Trust

If you are offering a product to your online customers the nice part about video commerce is you can use the video to build a trusting relationship.  For example, if you are offering cookware you may be able to add a quick segment in the video that shows the customer how to use your product with a great recipe.  Just make sure any content you offer is relevant to the product the customer is viewing.  If they are looking at cookware you certainly do not want to promote something else you sell such as garden furniture. 

Post Your Product Videos on Video Sites

You can also use video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and others to post your product videos you have in your ecommerce store.  When you post the video you can provide a link back to your online store.  This encourages your viewers to browse the rest of your store and tell others about it. 

Produce Quality Videos

Make sure your videos are high quality especially if you are offering a product that contains a lot of details.  You can make an acceptable video with a camcorder and a room with appropriate lighting or look for someone to produce professional videos for you.  Either way, quality videos will reduce the occurrence of abandoned shopping carts and number of clicks on the Back button.

Tell us your opinion on video commerce in the comments.

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  • Volusion

    Video is going to be one of most popular ways to share in 2012. Try to keep content short and concise as mentioned above, preferably at 2-3 minutes. It’s a good idea to transcribe videos as well, just in case viewers decide that they would rather just quickly skim the content. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    Lauren at Volusion

    • Anonymous

      Do you recommend html/text transcriptions or PDF versions to your Clients?

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