Google’s Alphanumeric Param1 and Param2 Usage Tips

Written by Debra Leitl on February 21, 2012. Posted in Search Engine Marketing

Ad parameters by Google provide you with a way to modify pay per click ads without having to sacrifice losing the statistics associated with the original PPC ad.  By using the alphanumeric param1 and param2 you can make your ads look like they are updated on a consistent basis while making them more productive by qualifying potential customers before they click.

Google’s alphanumeric param1 and param2 in AdWords API allow you to modify ad information related to numbers such as prices, discounts, and other features which are typically included in your PPC ad.  To show you what we mean let’s assume that you are an online merchant selling handmade pottery and you have found through split testing PPC ads that you get better results by placing an initial price in your ad accompanied by how many pieces of handmade pottery you currently have in stock.

Using this scenario here is an example of how you can use param1 and param2 to make your ad appear like it has been recently updated:

When you compare the two ads you will notice that the param1 and param2 allows you to specify a value within the text of the ad.  As prices and inventory fluctuate you can set the alphanumeric values for the keywords handmade pottery using the Google AdParam Service.

Let’s say that the number of handmade pottery pieces in your inventory drops to 125, in the AdParam Service you can enter the following values for the ads in your ad group with the keywords handmade pottery:

Keyword:  handmade pottery       Param1:  $65           Param2:  125

You can change these values according to your starting price and the number of pieces in your inventory at any given day.  Meanwhile, whatever values you include the param1 and param2 functions will appear in your pay per click ad whenever your prospect searches with the keywords handmade pottery.

According to the values we have added in the above example, when your potential customers search with the terms handmade pottery the ad will appear like this:

You will not lose any of your original analytics statistics which are related to the ads that include handmade pottery and you will be able to change the values in param1 and param2 as you desire.  It is also important to mention that the values in param1 and param2 can be non-numeric or they can be numeric with currency symbols.  Param1 and param2 are set according to the keywords you use in the ad groups and must be updated through AdWords API.

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    Hi. Do you have examples how to upload these params through the AdWords Editor?

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