Google PPC Ad Extensions What’s New – Fall 2011

Written by Debra Leitl on November 7, 2011. Posted in Search Engine Marketing

 Google AdWords PPC Ad ExtensionsIf you have been using PPC advertising for any length of time you are probably aware that that Google introduced ad extensions to enhance the results that business owners can achieve with pay per click advertising campaigns.  Recently, Google added new enhancements which help to take PPC marketing to the next level.  The purpose of the improvements is to strengthen the bond between your potential visitors and your PPC ads and to provide highly targeted advertising which increases ROI.


The sitelinks extension allows you to target specific pages which are specialized landing pages that provide more details on a specific topic relevant to the PPC ad.  Instead of sending your visitors to a generalized location you can direct them to specialized pages related to the ad copy topic.

Phone Extensions 

Now your visitors can call you directly by clicking on a phone number in the PPC ad extension.  The way it works is you set phone extensions up via AdWords call metrics which will assign a unique Google number that forwards calls to your business phone number.  Each ad group is assigned a unique number to help you track and measure phone calls that come from your ads.

Contact Forms 

Contact form extensions allow the viewer of your ad to click on a plus sign next to the call to action in the ad copy.  Once they click, your contact form appears as a drop down and the visitor can fill out and submit the contact form right from your PPC ad.  When the visitor submits the form it is sent to Google where it is then forwarded to your email with a lead ID number and information from the visitor.  To contact the visitor you must call a Google number and provide the lead ID number and then you are transferred to the visitor.

Seller Ratings 

Seller rating extensions allow your potential customers to view your seller rating from your PPC ad.  It is necessary to qualify your business in order to display this extension.  Google provides a list of requirements you must meet in order to qualify for seller rating extensions and you must have at least 30 different reviews and a rating of 4 stars or more on Google Product Search.

Job Ad Extensions 

Google has been testing job ad extensions which add a line of text to staffing ads. The additional line reveals the number of job placements which are available on the landing page that the ad is connected to, in addition to the name of the company and website URL.

Ad Extension Reporting 

Until Ad Extension Reporting it was rather difficult to track conversions that you generated from using ad extensions.  If you wanted to try to track the conversions you had to deal with complex Google Analytics tracking methods.  Recently, Google introduced Ad Extension Reporting which allows you to separate your stats for each sitelink, product or phone extension. That provides analytics at the campaign level as well as the ad extensions you have implemented.

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    I’m gonna drop the ultimate Adwords PPC secret right here: Individual sitelinks differentiated, tagged, and tracked within Google Analytics. Yep, I’m serious – that’s the secret. Are you doing it? If so, you know what I’m talking about. If not, I bet Simon can help you over the phone, give him a ring at 302-401-4478. You can do all kinds of powerful testing and optimization when you’ve got sitelink tracking in place and it can really set you ahead of your competition.

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