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Written by Debra Leitl on May 2, 2012. Posted in Email Marketing

With any type of promotions and content marketing you should always make relevancy the number one component in all of your communications with your client base.  When it comes to email marketing the content you provide should not only be relevant to the needs of your customer base it should also be relevant by each email campaign.  In other words, the articles in one email campaign such as a newsletter should have some sort of relevance to one another that resembles a topic theme.

To get your email communications opened and read the more relevant the content the better the results from each campaign.  Relevancy not only applies to content it also applies to where your recipient stands in the customer lifecycle.  This is what keeps them engaged because the content is highly relevant to their interests.  Here are a few ways you can ensure content relevancy:

Segment Your Lists 

The position your recipients hold within the customer lifecycle will help you to segment your lists.  You can get started with segmenting by offering a close-ended survey that demonstrates the different ways that your customers can interact with you and make purchases.  Then you can ask them to indicate which options apply to them.  An open ended survey is more time consuming and does not provide you with an accurate analysis of customer needs and wants.

A close-ended survey allows you to segment your email lists with precision.  This provides a better guarantee that you will offer email content that is relevant to the customer’s preferences.  The survey might also include other data such as products the customer has already purchased and what they are likely to buy in the future.  Then you craft your email content around topics that are relevant to the survey answers and according to where the recipient is in terms of the customer lifecycle.

Focus on Valuable 

Once you have a handle on what your customers want you must focus on providing them with valuable content that is related to their interests.  Many marketers see the term “valuable” but what does it really mean?  Valuable means information that is highly useful to your email recipients.  This means that it is not only valuable but it is also relevant. Valuable content serves everyone’s needs because it provides the recipient with value, encourages sharing, and adds value to your business goals since your response rate is typically higher.

Think About Sharing 

If your email content is relevant then the likelihood that your readers will share it is also much higher.  When you create email content for your campaigns you must think “Is it worthy of sharing?”  If the relevancy is weak or it does not meet the needs or interests of the recipient why would they be motivated to share the content with others?

Consider Open Rates 

Relevancy must be the focus when you are creating email titles as well as email content in the message.  When you think about the masses of email messages your recipients receive on a daily basis they will easily click on “unsubscribe” when the email is not relevant or valuable.  This is the consumer’s way of taking control of their Inbox and the large amount of messages they never find time to read.

Consumers are becoming increasingly more concerned about the level of individualization and relevancy to their needs when they choose a long term relationship with a specific brand.  This is why email content relevancy is becoming more important than ever for a customer to be motivated to maintain a brand relationship.

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