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Written by Debra Leitl on November 1, 2011. Posted in Search Engine Marketing

ASAP Utilities for ExcelMicrosoft Excel represents an endless number of capabilities for working with and manipulating data.  Even the most experienced users are not aware of some of the functions that can be performed with Excel because the application is capable of so much.  For this reason, streamlining tasks in Excel spreadsheets is a must especially when you run a business.  This is where ASAP Utilities for Excel is indispensable when it comes to saving time while optimizing advertising budgets, PPC campaigns, and more.

It is important to mention that ASAP Utilities for Excel is designed for experienced Excel users.  You must have knowledge of the tasks you perform the most and then ASAP Utilities will automate these tasks to help reduce the amount of time you spend on analysis and data entry.  That said here are a few highlights which describe the usefulness of ASAP Utilities:

Favorites and Shortcuts 

When you download and install ASAP Utilities you can customize the menu to display your most frequently used tools and key combination shortcuts.  This helps you to speed up and automate some of the tasks simply by choosing the features that you set up in the menu.

Merge Multiple Files 

Using the common functions of Excel does not allow you to merge files.  If you have hundreds of Excel or CSV files such as from Google Keyword Tool this can be very time consuming.  ASAP Utilities provides a way for you to merge multiple files into one file or import multiple files simultaneously into your workbook.

Reduce Manual Input of Data 

Entering data into Excel manually can potentially involve hours of time however, with ASAP Utilities you can automate many of the time consuming data entry tasks.  Depending upon the tasks you are performing it is also possible to merge several different steps into one.

Vision Control 

The vision control feature in ASAP Utilities allows you to modify the spreadsheets and change the way the workbooks are displayed.  This provides for faster navigation when you have a lot of worksheets that are filled with data.  You can modify worksheet settings, workbook appearance, settings for applications such as formulas, and easily browse through multiple worksheets in your workbook.


There are 18 utilities under the Select feature which provide you with an easy way to select and deselect rows and columns, select cells and rows based on content type, set current selections to all worksheets, and merge selections of different spreadsheet areas, to name a few of the utilities.


The web utility in ASAP allows you to clean information that you copy from websites and place in the Excel worksheet.  There are 8 utilities under this feature which allow you to extract hyperlinks, change hyperlinks to formulas, decode all URL and HTML encoded text, and activate hyperlinks.

Find a Utility 

If you cannot find a utility ASAP provides a search tool that helps you to locate the utility you want to use.  For example, if you if you want to select cells of a specific color you can simply type these terms into the search box and ASAP will pull up the tutorial for performing this task.

These are only a few of the features associated with ASAP Utilities for Excel.  The program offers a free trial period with the option to purchase for around $50 when the trial period is complete.

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