Artful Storytelling via Email Builds A Strong Brand

Written by Debra Leitl on August 2, 2011. Posted in Email Marketing

Anyway you look at it everyone loves a great story and one that they can relate to on a personal level.  Storytelling almost always guarantees that you will break the ice and build a rapport with your customers especially if it relates to their interests and style of interaction.  This is why storytelling in your email marketing campaigns proves to be very effective in engaging your readers and maintaining their interest in what you have to say. 

So how do you engage in artful storytelling in your email messages and how can you be sure that your story will interest your readers?  The answer to this lies in your ability to know your readers and some of the things that spark their interest.  Here are a few tips: 

Listen to Your Reader’s Conversations

Tune in to your social media site, forum and your blog and listen to your readers interact.  What are they saying?  What seems to be their personality type?  Do they enjoy humor?  What types of experiences have they shared?  What kinds of things do they say when they interact with other customers? 

Listening to your reader’s conversation is a goldmine in itself for coming up with story lines for your email messages.  The more you know about what grabs your readers the more successful you will be at telling a story that they can easily relate to.  This not only builds instant rapport it also helps your email recipients to remember what you said in your message. 

Tell Your Own Story

Come up with story lines that highlight your life’s experiences and then relate them to the topic of the email message.  Email messages that are relevant to real life experiences bring your products and services to life in the minds of your customers.  You may even find that they will be more inclined to share their stories and they will feel like they know you better as well. 

Integrate Humor

People are more open when they are relaxed so you must talk to your customers like you are sitting on the barstool next to them. This means integrating humor where it is appropriate.  As a word of caution, always use humor in good taste and avoid using off color humor that may offend some of your readers.  Good clean humor when used appropriately in a story can leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

Keep Track of Current Events

Stay on top of what is going on in the news and then use this information to craft a story that your customers can relate to.  There are many places where you can get news stories from different categories that will help you come up with an idea for a story.

Pay Attention to the Experiences of Others

Remember to pay close attention when other people tell you about an event that happened in their daily life.  More often than not, there are others that can relate and it may spark a creative idea for an email message to your subscriber list. 

If you learn the art of storytelling and use it appropriately you will build lasting customer relationships and build confidence in your product which will make the eventual sale seem effortless.

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