7 Steps to Bing Readiness

Written by Debra Leitl on November 9, 2010. Posted in Search Engine Optimization

Microsoft recently released an updated version of Bing Webmaster Tools based on the feedback from Webmaster Tools and PPC Adcenter Desktop users. The new version simplifies the process of search engine marketing on Microsoft’s new search engine Bing. If you have not yet familiarized yourself with Bing there is a lot of opportunity for your growing your business online and then some. Here are a few steps to help you get ready to market on Bing:

1. Establish an Account – If you are using Bing for the first time you can easily establish an account from the home page and access the new tools. If you are already using Bing marketing tools, when you sign into your account you will find that everything has been automatically upgraded so you are ready to go.

2. Index Explorer – Once you set up an account familiarize yourself with the tools that are provided for you. One of the new tools is Index Explorer which allows you stay informed by browsing the Bing index to see which pages have been indexed.

3. Submit URLs – This is a handy tool that allows you to tell the Bing search engine spider which pages you want to index when it crawls your website. It also provides you with a comprehensive overview of the status of page indexing with the Bing search engine.

4. Crawl Issues – This is a new feature that allows you to view the status of your redirects for updated pages and detect any malware that may be present on any of the pages of your site. It also helps you to see if there were any accidental page exclusions from your website that you indicated for indexing through Submit URLs.

5. Block URLs – Block URLs provides a way for you to ensure that specific pages will not be indexed in the Bing search results. These could be pages that are under construction and other pages that contain information that is insignificant to your visitors.

6. Analysis with Microsoft Silverlight 4 - All of the upgraded tools are designed to work with Microsoft Silverlight 4 which allows you to easily view crawling, indexing, and traffic data through charts and diagrams. Silverlight 4 is a platform created by Microsoft that allows you to create applications which are viewable on the Web, computer desktop, or a mobile device.

7. Optimize – After you have been able to gather all necessary data you can begin to optimize your website for Bing readiness. The data will also help you to make informed decisions on how to make improvements in your business and in search engine marketing campaigns.

The upgrades we have discussed here is only the initial phase of Bing’s growth toward accommodating online business marketers. As these tools get used and feedback is received more tools will emerge as marketers become more familiar with using Bing Webmaster Tools and the PPC Adcenter Desktop.

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