#30Thursday Totally Awesome Re-Tweet Material October 2010

Written by Debra Leitl on October 21, 2010. Posted in Social Media Marketing

For almost 2 months now I have watched Margie Clayman produce her #30Thursday Blog post highlights reel.

I am dipping my toe in the waters and am doing 1 #30thursday post on the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Today Is My first #30Thursday installment. Let’s get “Rocca Rolla” on these blog posts shall we?

I am pulling these posts from what I read and what people in my twitter network produce.

If you are familiar with Twitter, you have probably seen some tweets that begin with “RT” or end with (via @twitterhandle).

I think each of the blog posts listed in my #30Thursday list are “Totally Awesome Re-Tweet Material”, spread them wide and far.

1. How to Respond to Comments on Your Company Blog A recommended slide deck.

2. Choose Your Poison (but make it strong) From the Fabulous @lkpetrolino

3. Smith-Harmon Email Holiday 2010 PDF resource 18 phases of Christmas (We think there are only 6 phases.)

4. How to create a sitemap page for WordPress blog Straight Forward and useful.

5. Customer Service in the Social Media Era Amazing What a Telephone Can Accomplish.

6. Building Up Your Credibility in Social Media On the basis of reputation alone you can amass a whole town’s worth of links.

7. If You Had to Start Over… The Power of 100…

8. 6 Crazy Awesome Commenting Tips To Increase Traffic Do You see a trend yet in my reading?

9. The Choice Is Stark: Segment Or Die! Avinash Kaushik Need I Say More?

10. Four Copywriting Techniques for Engaging Podcasts and Audio Presentations I have to work on my podcast exit lines.

11. Madonna’s 6 Secrets to Personal Branding Mastery Madonna is like Diet Coke. All bubbles hiding serious business.

12. Do you practice what you preach? I think this post made me think a lot and make an action list.

13. Important Features All Blogs Should Really Have 6 out of 7, but some are in need of fixes.

14. 10 Excellent Tools for Testing Your Site on Mobile Devices Read This and Learn.

15. A Quick QR Code 101 These Are So So So One the How Cool Is That List.

16. Is Facebook Suffocating the Rest of Social Media? By Jay Baer.

17. How Social Media – Facebook & Twitter – Impact Search Marketing Results Social Media Is a Search Complementary Tactic.

18. 5 Tips to Getting More Feedback on Your Posts Do You Reward Your Commenters?

19. What to do if you’re “just not into social media” Try To Find the Fun Interact. Be social.

20. STACK the Deck in Your Favor Strategic Marketing What Is Your Favorite Acronym?

21. Tips for Connecting the Social Media Dots This is a mainstay article in my required reading list.

22. 10 Types of Landing Page Goals for PPC Campaigns Conversion Ninjas are my favorite.

23. Multitasking is the archenemy of living in the now I think we can multi-task without becoming distracted, our brains collect, catalog and filter inputs better than any machine.

24.12 Questions to ask BEFORE investing in mobile marketing assets @ great post by @SMSJoe

25. Social cause leads to social good with Vote Couture for the Cure Innovative Cause Marketing and PR By @SO_PR and @DebWeinstein

26. 5 Deadly Sins of Corporate Social Media Marketing Take this Article To Heart.

27. Pocket Band Trend: flash performances happening on the subway, performing all music on their iPhones  Be Amazed.

28. The Lie You’ve Been Told: A Degree is All You Need Gen-Y Perspectives From @RealChaseAdams

29. 29 No-Brainer Tips for Quick Blogging Success The Followable @pushingSocial Tip 4 Join a Mentoring Community (UHM Cough)

30. Corporate Blogging Goes Mainstream Extraordinary Chartage

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