3 Tips You Need to Know Before Advertising on Facebook

Written by Debra Leitl on October 26, 2011. Posted in Social Media Marketing

When you are using Facebook for business there are a lot of “in’s” and “outs” you should be aware of before you begin advertising on the site. Although Facebook allows advertising you must remember that it is a social networking community for building relationships so there are a few rules of thumb that you must follow to maintain an upstanding reputation for your business.

1. Read the Facebook Ad Guidelines

Facebook provides a page that explains all of the rules for placing ads on the site. It is well worth the time investment to read all of the ad guidelines to ensure you understand the ropes before proceeding. If you follow the ad guidelines to a “T” it will help you to get your ads approved faster and avoid any hassles associated with getting your ad rejected.

Also, target the ads to a small percentage of people instead of the entire world. Many Facebook advertisers think they will draw more responses by marketing to the entire Facebook population when in reality it only costs you more money with nothing to show for it.

2. Build Relationships Before You Sell

If you start placing ads on Facebook without building a network it will be obvious that you have your own agenda. When you use Facebook for business it is all about relationship marketing. This is why it is important to make friends before you start peddling products and services. It is best to initially use Facebook ads for your page or an event you may be holding that provides useful information to others. It is much easier to get people to be a fan of your page or RSVP an invitation to an event than it is to direct them to your website and get them to fill out a form, especially if they do not know you.

3. Know Who Your Target Market Is On Facebook

There are people who spend a lot of money experimenting on Facebook without knowing who their target audience is. Don’t be one of them. Although getting to know your market can be an exhausting proposition it is well worth the effort and will bring you much better results over the long term. Also, if you identify your market it makes it easier to use the targeting features that Facebook provides.

If you are in it for the long term, then it pays to identify what need you are fulfilling for your target audience as well as who your target market is. Being patient with this process will bring you profits over the long term where simply placing ads haphazardly may bring you a quick buck but only temporarily.

In addition to these three staples for using Facebook for business make a point of learning all you can about relationship marketing before attempting to advertise on a social networking site. Word travels faster on the Internet and it is worth spending the extra time to get it right the first time around.

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